About Under My Wing

Under My Wing is an independent booking agency, representing a variety of artists in different genres both nationally and internationally. For the full roster, click here. Under My Wing is also available for event- and production management.

Under My Wing is run by Bart van Haare - booker, agent, promoter, jack of all trades in the music business and above all, music lover. Bart has a long history of working closely with bands as well as deep ties in the music industry. His expertise lies mainly in loud and heavy music. With a personal approach, hard work and keeping an overview of your shows, Bart can be your perfect partner in growing your carreer.

'I book and promote shows from one passion only - my love for music'. Bart started out as a bassplayer and after graduating at the Fontys Rockacademie, he made a carreer switch - from musician to musician representative and doing all kinds of jobs in the live music business. From being the right hand of the nestor of the Dutch live industry, to stagehand jobs to artist handling to stage management to production advancing. The passion for live music, combined with experience off and on stage lays the fundation for Under My Wing.